5 Best Sources for Buying a Dune Buggy Kit


Dune buggies were a rage in the 50s and 60s as they epitomized the essence of youth and vitality.

The sand car craze made the buggies a very prized possession during mid-20th century. They were very much in demand more so for the thrill of racing on the beach and the circuit. Though the craze has tapered a little, it is still alive and running.


Dune Buggy Kit Car Sources

One of the easiest ways of obtaining a cheap dune buggy car is to assemble the car using a dune buggy kit. In addition to being cost-effective, a kit car also helps the buyer to make the car suited to specific individual requirements. A dune buggy— a gem of small vehicle with oversized wheels—is the perfect get around vehicle for a bright sunny day on the beach. Some of the sources where these dune buggy kits can be bought from or information regarding the purchase obtained are as follows:



These are online sites that have loads and loads of information on dune buggies. These sites are the place to get answer for any question that you have related to dune buggy kits.




1 – Dune Buggy Archives Team is an example. It is supposed to be one of the largest forums on dune buggies on the internet and has many members registered on it.

One of the greatest advantages of this site is that anyone can register to the site for free. All information regarding dune buggy kits can be obtained by perusing various threads on the website. Several other such sites can be searched for on the internet.

2 – If you want to share information, get clarifications, post pictures Minibuggy is the place you can look for. Topics are categorized and discussion forums are created for the convenience of the users.

3 – There is yet another site which has marvelous information about Dune Buggy.  At glamis dunes you can find anything and everything about dune buggies. The site has categorized discussion forums, gallery, and blogs including a store.


Dune Buggy Galleries

There are plenty of dune buggy galleries on the internet where one can view images of awesome classic dune buggies with their background information. Some of these provide a lot of additional contents.

A website, called “ kit car list of manufacturers ”, has a comprehensive list of manufacturers of kitcars of various makes and design. A dune buggy enthusiast can definitely tap this source for his requirement.


Online Marketplaces

1 – Dune Buggy is available online as well. eBay is one such online portal where dune buggy kits can be found. It also sells accessories. There are brand new kits that come with warranty and make eBay a good place to find Dune Buggy.

2- Amazon is yet another place to find Dune Buggy for adults and kids. The collection they have is quite amazing and range of product and price also varies.

3 – AliExpress is another place to find excellent dune buggies and their accessories. AliExpress has almost all the requirements for the new and old users. Dune buggy enthusiastic will find AliExpress as an amazing place to shop with huge collection and good policies.


Other Specific Online Sites

There are certain dedicated sites that hold several buggy kits designed for sale.  You can choose anything from a go kart for small off-road excursions to kit cars for long travel high performance suspension.


  The following sites are good places to explore available options for buying Dune Buggy kits


  • Dubstore is a good place to explore. With irresistible offers and products, this is a must visit site. They have a good collection of accessories too. The offers keep changing. So, keep an eye on the site to get the best offers and product combo.


  • For those who are looking for custom made accessories, pacificcustoms is the right place. They also provide offers which keep varying. The list of accessories available is quite big, and one can find almost anything here that he/she inquires about.


  • Before finalizing on your Buggy kit, it is good to have a look at meyersmanx. They offer to roll your dreams into reality. With offers of various buggy kits and also accessories, this place is worth visiting.


  • You already own a buggy and looking for some unique spare parts? Mooreparts.com is the best place for you. The parts are categorized for easy navigation and the list is quite long. I am sure your search for any spares for your dune buggy will end here.


Local Stores

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing your dune buggy kits online is that you get to choose from a wide variety of options while sipping warm beverages at your home. Moreover, most of the sites have full-proof return policies that enable you to return your buggy kits if they are not up to your specifications. However, for all those who like to handle their kits before making the purchase, the local stores are the best option.

You may Google to find out local stores in your vicinity. Local listings on the Craigslist can also be a good resource to explore. Additionally, classified listings on “oodle” or “ebayclassifieds.com” also include dune buggy kits.



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