5 Best Sources for Buying a Dune Buggy Kit


Dune buggies were a rage in the 50s and 60s as they epitomized the essence of youth and vitality.

The sand car craze made the buggies a very prized possession during mid-20th century. They were very much in demand more so for the thrill of racing on the beach and the circuit. Though the craze has tapered a little, it is still alive and running.

Dune Buggy Kit Car Sources

One of the easiest ways of obtaining a cheap dune buggy car is to assemble the car using a dune buggy kit. In addition to being cost-effective, a kit car also helps the buyer to make the car suited to specific individual requirements. A dune buggy— a gem of small vehicle with oversized wheels—is the perfect get around vehicle for a bright sunny day on the beach. Some of the sources where these dune buggy kits can be bought from or information regarding the purchase obtained are as follows: read more

Dune Buggy Cars-An Interesting History

Dune Buggy Cars-An Interesting History
Dune buggy and monster truck

The market for the dune buggy car seems to have perked up once again with the buggy becoming a style icon: afresh on the vintage racing circuit. The dune buggy in the days of the 50’s was not only one of the most affordable options of owning an open-roofed joy car but it also captured the essence of youth and freedom. The dune buggy was the only car that succeeded at being equally comfortable racing on the dunes as well as cruising on the home roads. People of all ages fell in love with it, and it used to be a point of discussion wherever one went. Let us trace this iconic cars’ history over the past half century. read more